Friday, February 6, 2009


Jeff is finally back from his "fun" in the sun, just in time to leave again on the hellish trek to Vantage and back. This roughly twice-monthly adventure takes him about five hours round trip and then he has to do it all over again on Sunday. It really bites. There is just nothing fun about driving over Snoqualmie pass and what lies beyond (nothing) only to turn around and drive back. Jeff and Arlie always want me to go but I just HATE the boring drive and so I decline every time. I told Jeff, I'm a good wife, but not THAT good of a wife. I'd jump in front of a moving vehicle for him, but driving to Vantage? Nah.

So, Jeff worked a lot while in AZ and didn't get enough time to just relax in the sun. But I guess that's what happens when you're laid off and your mind is spinning 24/7 with what to do? He made a lot of contacts and has already had a few phone interviews so that's good news!

He also came back sporting a beard! Or at least the beginnings of one. He says he's not shaving until he gets an interview. I like it! For one thing, I like beards. For another, I like that attitude. I said, you're unemployed, you might as well look the part! And then he got the bright idea that I should make him a sign and he could try his hand at panhandling! Hmmm......not a bad idea! I said why don't you just write to everyone you know and ask them to send you a dollar? Think about it, a dollar anyone can spare and if you have a million friends, well...........too bad we don't have a million friends! HAHA!

We're still dealing with some fallout of the layoff, mainly that the stupid company didn't make it very easy to switch our insurance over to Cobra. So, they canceled our insurance as of 1/31 and we still haven't received the paperwork to switch over and make it retroactive to 2/1. So, when I went to the dr. on Thursday, I ended up having to pay $45 for my antibiotics! Just another reason to have seething anger towards the company.....

Speaking of which, I know it's for safety reasons and all, but WOW, have companies really gotten paranoid about letting people go. Jeff, the same guy who toiled loyally for this organization for six years, with nary a black mark on his record, had his key card immediately deactivated, was escorted around the building collecting his things, and was appointed a "watcher" in case he decided to go postal or something. It was such a demoralizing experience. Not only did he lose his job, but was treated like a criminal as well. He was reminiscing today about when he worked for Buck Knives. They were going through a tough economic time and instead of handing out pink slips they had everyone reduce their hours to 30 hour workweeks. Hey, any job is better than no job right? It's just too bad companies these days can't see the value in that.

Anyway, a pox on all of them. I hope they get bad rashes in embarrassing places.

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