Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentine's Day Memories

Anyone who knows me knows how I love to decorate for the holidays - any holiday, not just Christmas or Halloween, but also Valentine's day, Fourth of July, etc. When my kids were little, I also enjoyed decorating THEM in little outfits just perfect for the day, with matching hair bows and/or shoes! (I'd still do it if they'd let me!) Of course, most of my pictures of the kids when they were young are pre-digital so I just learned how to scan my old photos! Whoopee, a new way to waste time! Another thing about me that people might know is that I absolutely LOVE taking photos and I have more photos of my family than any person should ever have! Of course, I have big plans to make elaborate scrapbooks of these photos "someday" but so far my efforts have yielded a few unfinished albums. But my pictures are truly one of my most precious possessions and definitely the one thing I'd want to save in a fire (after my family, of course!). So, here are a few Valentine's day photos from 2002, randomly plucked from the highly organized system (a shoe box with a post-it note that says "2002" on it! HA!). Enjoy! I miss my little babies......they grow up way too fast.


Mimi/Papa said...

Thanks for the great memories or yesteryear...what cute pictures!

Love..Mimi and Papa

Sydney said...

Oooooh! They are so cute and little! I remember playing with a bossy Hayley and her COOL kitchen set when she was like 3 or 4. Ben and I would set them up playing dress-up on the porch so we could "make some food" for the show without her telling us what to do! Hehe. Ahhh good times.