Tuesday, May 26, 2009

National Honor Society

Hayley was inducted into the National Honor Society last week. She had to have a 3.5 GPA and show "character" in her essay. Way to go Hayley! Here are some photos of her and her best friend, Laura, at the ceremony.

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Mimi/Papa said...

These are some very cute photos of our new inductee into the Nat'l. Honor Society!! We are very proud of her. I hope she realizes the honor of it all and that it's quite an honor to be in her category. We hope she'll keep up the great work she's been doing and will understand how good grades are very important! Oh, did I mention that Mimi was also in this Society? No, I didn't?? My, my...how stupid of me! Yes, years ago, I was inducted into the Society as well...it was a moment in time and I was very proud of myself. Anyway, no matter what I'm doing now in life, I still think it was a time in my life that doing something good meant so much to my mom and dad and my grandparents were so excited about my accomplishments. Ergo, the reason these grandparents are complimenting our granddaughter and wish her the best in her life for whatever she wants and will be able to do no matter the barriers that I had to one time face. Congratulations, Hayley!!!