Friday, May 29, 2009

Rabbit Killer!

Last night Jeff had his first softball practice for his work's co-ed softball team. He came home SO excited to relay this story and I was horrified. Apparently, hitting the ball to right field eludes him. So, when he was up to bat, he suddenly spotted a bunny rabbit running across the field. He took aim and WHAM! He hit the bunny! Now, this was quite the feather in his cap (I can just hear the manly grunt coming from his hunter's mentality) but I, for one, cannot condone deliberate cruelty to an innocent bunny just doing what bunnies do. Jeff insisted the ball just "grazed" the rabbit, but I'm thinking the poor creature died a slow and painful death overnight. This morning Jeff is in agony, sore from putting his 40-year-old body through a punishing softball workout. My take? Justice! God is punishing him for being such a meanie. And I sure hope that bunny is frolicing this morning, just a little bit wiser, and stays off the softball fields (at least when Jeff is around!).


Janet Church said...

Okay, so we who have a pet bunny say, "AAAWWW, poor bunny!! How could you be so cruel and even THINK about hitting a cute bunny!! Shame on you!"

MAMMA said...

Rabbit Stew...YUM!! Lucky guy, you didn't even have to waste a bullet!!! LOL!! :-)

Tonya said...

And even those of us who don't have pet bunnies but have bunny hunting beagles say, "AAAWWW, poor bunny!! We don't even let our dogs, who are bread for that type of thing, inflict pain and/or injury on those sweet fuzzy little animals!!" There is a special place in hell for people who torture poor unsuspecting bunnies! Be careful Jeff!!! Hahahaha!!