Thursday, June 18, 2009

Awesome Field Trip!

UW Game Preserve
Female red-winged blackbird on a beaver lodge.

Frog camoflauge!
Geese in a row...........
Blue heron rookery

Bald eagle - Juanita Bay Wetlands

Duck at UW Game Preserve

I love this one! Juanita Bay Wetlands.

Also a favorite! Turtle trio! Juanita Bay Wetlands.

These were mutant dandelions - they were as big as a man's hand! This game preserve was built on a former dump - hmmm.......toxic waste?
We took a GREAT field trip on Tuesday with Arlie's class to UW Game Preserve, Juanita Bay Wetlands, St. Edward's Park, and the heron rookery. We saw so much wildlife and it was a beautiful day. We hiked for HOURS, through grasses as tall as our heads, on the trails and in the park. The teacher took us on what she claimed was a "short hike" through St. Edward's park. We hiked up and up and went right off the trail and up the hillside, ending up in someone's back yard! She said she had lost her way, so went around to ask directions of the owners, then emerged out the back door, holding two big boxes of popsicles! It was HER house. The kids were thrilled (and the parents were duped - we had no idea!). It was an exhausting day, but so much fun!

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Mimi/Papa said...

Our society needs more really cool teachers like this one! What a cute "trick" to pull and then to be so thoughtful in the end! She needs an award of her own....a bottle of nice wine?? haha Your pictures are great...I loved the frog cute. And the bald eagle is great!