Thursday, June 11, 2009

First Job Application!!!!

My baby girl is old enough to apply for a job! Sob! Here she is filling out her application at Dairy Queen............


Mimi/Papa said...

Yeah Hayley!!! I hope you will be able to get some good coupons when we come to visit and I can drink myself senseless on root beer floats mixed up like a milkshake!!! ahhaha Go DQ job! hope you get will be fun for you to start a nice job and make some money this summer. Yes, it might not be THE job of the century, it's going to make you see how the real world works and how people react to many different things in the retail/food life!! We love you and wish you much success in whatever job you end up with! It is only for fun, these summer jobs, but you can save part of your money and start a nice fund for your future college days. GOOD LUCK from Mimi and Papa

PS..Papa's first "real job" was pumping gas at some little neighborhood gas station earing himself a big 35 cents an hour!! He was 13 yrs old! My first job was at a mini department store earning 50 cents an hour! I was about 17. I can't remember what we did with all our money...hahaha

MAMMA said...

Good Job Hayley!! If you don't get a job there then start looking at all the other fast food places - they usually have good hours and fun, young people to work with. No crabby old men to deal with....Yay!!!
Love, Aunt Monica

My word verification on this comment was poorth - I think its a sign, because you don't want to be poor to the "th" power!!! hahaha!