Friday, June 26, 2009

How To Care For a Guinea Pig

Harrison has become the temporary owner of Max, the class guinea pig. So, as if we didn't have enough animals, we now have a rodent to add to our mix. And sometimes Harrison is gone at his dad's but poor Max is left behind and I really don't know much about guinea pigs. So, I asked Harrison to write down some instructions on how to care for Max in his absence. Here is what he wrote (on a post-it note):


Check his food & water every two days or so and mabey pet him. Mabey give him a few carrots. - Harrison.

Well, that's good info! "Mabey" pet him? I'll try to keep the poor little thing alive in Harrison's absence. But no promises!


Janet Church said...

Natalie will be SO jealous. She is looking for anyway to get another pet into this house. Now she is trying to get an okay for a box turtle. Not a very cuddly pet but one that won't bite and doesn't need a lot of training. She may get to "babysit" on over the fourth of July weekend. I'm sure she would "babysit" for the guinea pig anytime.

jeff said...

All caught up:)