Friday, June 19, 2009

Last Day of School!

Today was the last day of school for the kids and this is what I did first! HAHA! Well, actually first I went to Hannah's end of year recognition assembly, where she did a couple of songs with the choir (I tried to record it but the camera's batteries were dead!) Then, I went to the elementary school for their recognition assembly and slide show (always very cool and this year a lot of my own photos were in it!) We were supposed to have a party in our neighborhood, but the stupid Seattle rain in June canceled that! We've had nothing but beautiful weather for what seems like ages now, and today it pours! We ended up going to McDonald's for lunch, picking up Hayley at school (she stayed after for an ASB meeting), dropping Hayley off at the mall for a movie w/ friends, shopping at the mall, coming back home for about a half hour, dropping Harrison off at an end of year party, going back to the mall to pick up Hayley, coming back home, and now I'm waiting to go pick up Harrison from his party. Jeff left to drive Arlie to Vantage to meet her mom for a 12 day visit. It's going to be a long, rainy drive for him! It's supposed to rain all weekend (SO fitting for the end of school) so that might, quite literally, rain on our parade, as we planned to go to the Fremont Solstice Parade (complete with naked, painted bicyclists!) But now we might just do some busy work, like getting firewood for the fire pit this summer and acquiring a beer fridge! We're in a crucial stage of beer-making and we NEED a new beer fridge! I've put out a plea on Facebook and perused the Craigs List ads. Tomorrow night we're going to yoga out at a special event yoga class/concert (after dropping the kids at their dad's) and Father's day will be spent kid-free, hopefully kicking back and relaxing! If things go as usual, it will rain until the 4th and then our real summer will start! I knew I planned all those camping trips in August for a reason!

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