Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Life in Ruins

Today I went to a matinee of this movie with my neighbors Amy and Carla. It was a cute movie. Predictable, but sweet. I liked it. I really like Nia Vardalos as an actress. And she looked so different than in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". She's lost a lot of weight and has the BEST legs. Plus her outfits were so cute. I was jealous. I know, lame. But I kind of identified w/ her in "MBFGW" because she was a curvier, curly-haired actress and there aren't too many of those around here. So, if I were going to emulate the style of an actress, it would be her. But wow, I don't know - she's achieved Goddess status. Probably that personal trainer, Hollywood diet (nothing) and lots of hair and makeup gurus. Sigh! How I wish. I'd love my curly hair to be long and have those loose, flowing curls. Instead, I have ringlet-y (but not cute ringlets), frizzy-ish hair that never seems to cooperate as I grow it out and is showing WAY more gray than I'd like to admit. Also, her clothes were awesome. I want cute dresses and beautiful peasant blouses that blow in the wind. Oh yeah, Hollywood again. I'm more like a jeans and T-shirt girl, but I'd LIKE to have that effortless, feminine, easy beautiful way about me. HAHA! I just made myself laugh out loud. Oh well. Acceptance, right? And a lot of cardio.

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Jeff said...

I love your hair!