Monday, June 1, 2009

Not posting enough??

I realize it's probably best for my readership (haha, all five of you right?) if I post more often instead of waiting and posting five or six big, picture-laden posts at a time. For one thing, my own husband might read our blog more! I swear he's less interested in our family life than perfect strangers.......sheesh! Well, anyway, I have to say I'm shocked not more of you expressed your horror and outrage at his bunny-killing incident (ok, I don't know if the bunny actually DIED but I'm guessing it had a heart attack after being viciously attacked!). If you haven't already, leave a scathing comment on that post so I can read them to Jeff. I want him to feel the pain. Bwahahahaha........

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Sydney said...

I get on Stu's case about not reading my blog and his response is that other people are more interested than he is because he "lives it" with me, so he knows what we're doing (not the same as reading it from my perspective, but good point).

And sorry, I thought hitting the bunny was freaking awesomeness and great aim! Haha. Bunny should be more aware of his surroundings.