Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Virtues of Eating Crap

Well, not ACTUAL crap, but food that is not good for you. Nutritionally, that is. Good as in tasty! Like Starbucks for example. I've been cutting WAY back, mostly because I'm broke, but that's another story. So, the other day, I had a perfectly good opportunity to get Starbucks (I was actually IN the parking lot) but being broke, I decided not to spend my few dollars on it (after all, we needed toilet paper!) and I declined. But I was really, really craving my sweet treat and yummy coffee. I had to go to Target (to get the toilet paper) and while I was there, I inadvertently went down the aisle bedecked with Little Debbie treats! As you may or may not know, one of my favorite junky treats is Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls (and thanks to my cousin Shelly, I now know they are even better frozen -yikes!). So, I eyed a box of those little delights and realized that at only $1.24 for a whole box it was a BARGAIN compared to getting a sweet treat at Starbucks. Then, I checked the calorie content - 270 for two wonderfully chocolatey, cream-filled rolled up cakes! As opposed to around 500 for a scone or toffee almond bar, this was a virtual calorie bargain! Bargains all around. So I picked up a box and later enjoyed a package of Swiss Cake Rolls with a glass of milk (and might I add the milk had calcium, vitamin D and all sorts of other good things in it!). So, while eating Swiss Cake Rolls has always filled me with guilt, I now know that they are practically a VIRTUE compared to Starbucks and shall no longer riddle myself with all-consuming guilt for enjoying a few on occasion. I did hide them from the kids, though. Geesh, I'm not stupid!


Pitchin Princess said...

Glad you hid them from the kids, I hope in the back of your freezer. I bought a box at the store yesterday for the first time in a while and thought of you while I was hiding them under the frozen green beens and peas, the kids hate those so they won't move them to look for my sweet treats.

Anonymous said...

Until they read your blogs! Do either of you remember that Pete used to hide cookies in their kitchen ceiling?! HAHA