Friday, June 26, 2009

Who Made This Big Mess?

Anyone remember the show "The Big Comfy Couch"? There was this annoying person dressed as a clown named Loonette and every show she would make a mess and then go "Who made this big mess?" and then she would nod knowingly and say "Oh, me, huh? Well, I guess I'd better clean it up! It's only fair!" and she would go about cleaning up the room doing the "ten second tidy" (and quite cheerfully, I might add). Well, my kids watched that show faithfully but somehow that message never quite sunk in. They just left for their dad's house and here is a list of their indiscretions: sofabed still out, covers strewn about all over the floor, Monopoly game spread out over the garage floor, BB gun, BBs and eye protection thrown on the office floor, kitchen counter covered with plates, cups, a large bowl encrusted with pancake batter, mixer with beaters cemented in pancake batter..........I could keep going. The point is, they are now gone and unless I leave this mess for the next three days, I have to clean it up. In fact, I already had to clean up the kitchen mess because both sides of the sink were packed full of dirty dishes (and the dishwasher next to the sink was completely empty and ready to receive all those dishes). Hayley is the main culprit this time - the BB gun thing and the Monopoly game were Harrison but it was Hayley who left the bed undone and made the pancakes. And, I'm sorry, but she's 16 and she should know better (they all should know better, we have no toddlers in this house). To think that the magic cleaning fairy just comes and makes this all go away is just crazy. And it's even more infuriating that I can't do a damn thing about it. There's no way in hell their dad would agree with bringing them back to clean up (although, in my opinion, that's the solution to this problem). So, the best I can do is saddle them with extra, unpleasant chores when they return. And then they complain that "it's summer and we're supposed to be relaxing!" Yeah? Me too. In fact, I believe I have been so drained of energy that I shall need to refuel at The Rock or some other venue where adults go. And where there is no mess or pancake batter to clean up. Children, you have been warned! Yucky chores await you. Next time? CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELVES!


MAMMA said...

I have some new rules now that I have only 2 children left at home - and they are BOTH old enough to do for themselves...I do not clean on the days I work! So, if you need laundry, food, etc. you fend for yourselves! By having this new rule for the last 3 months or so I have discovered something wonderful - HAYDEN doesn't like things to be messy! He can only stand so much then he goes around picking things up and wiping things down (while complaining that the place is a "mess") Our Lord and Savior finally blessed me with a neat freak!!!! Who would have thought it would be the BOY! Hahahahaha!!! Maddy is still a rock star if I give instructions, but hayden is the best!!

jeff said...

Stupid lazy kids! I love my family:)