Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July!

Jeff. He looks happy doesn't he? Beer will do that to a man!

Jeff and Arlie - father and daughter for always! :)

Me and my sweetie! Love him!

Hayley showing the spirit (and how to catch your hair on fire!)

Jeff doubling up on fireworks!

Running away from his dangerous experiment!

Love this one - just outside in our neighborhood!

Hannah and Lexie

Arlie and her BFF Rylie

Harrison playing with fire!

Whiz! Bam! Pow!

Please don't light fireworks off your head!

A sampling of the debris left behind!

Hayley and her patriotic fingernails!

Finally, I'm posting 4th of July pictures. It's been a little crazy busy around here. Jeff's birthday on the 2nd, Green Day on the 3rd, party on the 4th, sleeping most of the day on the 5th (plus church - gasp!), and working on the 6th. Now it's Hayley's birthday (pictures to follow!) but I'm taking a few minutes to catch up.......so here are the 4th photos! Enjoy!

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