Friday, July 10, 2009

Hayley's Sweet Sixteen!

She's driving now! Yikes!

Lexie Bedell, Hayley and Haley Bedell. The two Ha(y)ley's have known each other since they were six weeks old!


Power to the People!

Opening gifts!

Mermaid in the lily pads!

Trying not to fall in the lake!

Trying to catch a baby duck in a bucket!

Haley and Hayley taking the plunge!

Rylie and Arlie

Stephanie Church, Hannah, Hayley, Haley Bedell, Harrison, Lexie Bedell - these kids have grown up together since babyhood!

Laura Gerber, Hayley and Maddie Turner. Friends since childhood!

Arlie takes the plunge!

Most of the party group getting ready to make a huge splash!


Playing in Martha Lake

Her first $100 bill!

Stunner shades!

New scarf!

Her "cake" - Bismark donuts!

The birthday fairy came!
We had a great 16th birthday for Hayley. It started out, as usual, with the "birthday fairy" table in the morning, including presents and Bismark donuts. Then, we went to get pedicures, opened her first checking account and later, headed to a big party at Martha Lake complete with hot dogs on the grill, swimming (even though it was not even 70 degrees!), and cupcakes and presents. Afterward we headed back to our house for s'mores, movies, ice cream and a big sleepover party. Pancakes in the morning and then lunch with the Bedells at The Rock followed. We then came back and reminisced over old home movies, watching the Bedells and Gordon kids growing up together. It was a great couple of days! Hayley is driving with a permit now, and soon to get her license. Scary! Can't believe my baby girl is 16!

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Jeff said...

Cool to have so many friends since such a young age.