Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Long day that will never end.........

Dig the photo? A few years ago at Hayley's birthday party....haha!

Ugh. This has been the longest day. I left the house at 8:20 a.m. to take the kids to Vacation Bible School. Dropped them off and went to work. At work I had a red-letter day - got to change three poopy diapers and pick up one load of dog crap (one of the drawbacks of being a nanny!). Got off work in time to run home for 20 minutes. I had hoped to check my email, pick up some paperwork, etc. but nooooo.......stupid Charlie escaped the yard so I spent those 20 minutes driving around looking for him (has anyone seen a really fat Jack Russell?) and finally found him wandering and very thirsty up the street. Apparently he had ventured out onto the busy road, someone found him and brought him into the neighborhood and a nice neighbor kept him at his house for an hour and gave him water, but finally set him free again when he couldn't find any identification and figured he might find his way home. Luckily I pulled up as Charlie was taking another walkabout. Stupid dog. Got him home in time to race to my dentist appointment, which I actually made on time and then had to wait a half hour until I was seen! my teeth cleaned (yay) and realized that was the only time I got to recline and relax all day. Wouldn't it be great if someone rubbed your feet or gave you a pedicure while you got your teeth cleaned? Left the dentist office and headed to the party store, Barnes and Noble (where I wolfed down a sandwich and soup for dinner), Costco (my least favorite place), the running store, which was closed (and made me put on my angry eyes because I really wanted to get Jeff black quicklaces for his running shoes), Blockbuster where I scored some deals on "previously viewed movies" (and I don't care, my family is getting them as gifts, even if they aren't new!), then finally Fred Meyer where I spent way too long picking out birthday cards and picking up the things Costco didn't have. Finally got home at 10 p.m.

Tomorrow is Jeff's birthday so I still have to wrap his presents, and do the "birthday table". We have a tradition where we decorate the kitchen table and put up balloons, streamers, etc. so that when the birthday person wakes up, their presents are on the table and we do a little celebration in the morning. Of course I have nothing wrapped and have to wait till he goes to bed to do it, as it's supposed to be sort of a "surprise". I bought Jeff pirate plates, napkins and tablecloth! I just need to add some balloons and streamers and we'll be all set.

Tomorrow night I'm making homemade manicotti with garlic bread and salad for his birthday dinner. Then, we're having a few people over for his newest beer, Milestone Ale (which he will debut at a work function tomorrow), and cupcakes and ice cream. (Yeah, I still gotta make all that stuff). But first I have to drop the kids off at VBS, go to yoga, go to the dollar store, pick the kids up, take Harrison to a doctor appt. and a dentist appt. , then FINALLY get home around 4 to make dinner and cupcakes.

Then, two days later we're having a 4th of July party. So, yeah, the whole house cleaning thing has to happen. And decorations. Down with the pirates, up with the red, white and blue. More people that time - about 45. And kids, too. Big mess on Sunday! But then we have to change it all out again......out with the red, white and blue and in with the pink and purple for Hayley's sweet 16! That party is on Tuesday, and involves 24 kids at the beach, decorating a picnic shelter, making food for a bunch of teenagers, and then having half of them back at the house for s'mores and a sleepover (and breakfast the next morning!).

Three parties in six days...........what was I thinking?


Mimi/Papa said...

Lol you are nuts....but I know you really do love doing these things, so I don't feel too sorry for you!! I love you for it..

Jeff said...

Whew. That made me tired just reading about it. Thanks for the great B-day gifts/parties - especially Green Day!
Love you!