Monday, September 7, 2009

Jeff's 1st 1/2!

Jeff, Amy, Theresa
Jeff at the finish!

Still enough energy to wave!
Jeff completed his first 1/2 marathon today, coming in at 2 hrs. 46 min. He was hoping to come in under three hours and he did it! Afterward I asked him if he was going to do another one and he said "why would I?" Guess he checked that off his bucket list! Later, as he was drifting off for a nap, he said "I can't imagine being at the finish line and knowing you had to go 13 more miles for a full marathon!" Apparently 13.1 was enough for him! Which is beyond me. I can't even run more than a mile. Running a half marathon is unbelievable to me, but hey, whatever kicks up your heels! Anyway, congrats to Jeff! Once again, he amazes me with his athletic abilities!


Sydney said...

Great job, Jeff! You're WAY more motivated than I ever will be! :)

MAMMA said...

Yay jeff!!! You go studmuffin!!!
Love, M2

jeff said...

Go me!