Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hayley goes to homecoming!

Mommy and Hayley

The back of her pretty dress......

Front of dress!

See how pretty?

My beautiful grown-up girl!

Jumping for joy!

Woot-woot it's homecoming!

I'm a gansta, I'm a straight-up G, the gansta life is the life for me!

Such a pretty dress, thank you Katlyn and Aunt Laurie for sending it!

Check out the new kicks!

Gorgeous girls Hayley and her friend Hannah Norton

Pretty girls, ah to be 16 again!

Hayley, Micheal, Hannah N.

The trio!

Looking good!
Hayley went to her first homecoming dance tonight. She's still not home as I write this and it's kind of weird to have my kid staying out past MY bedtime for a change! Her dress fit her like a glove and we got it from cousin Katlyn, who also wore it to homecoming. Her jewelry was borrowed from me, and I did her hair. She went with good friends Hannah and Micheal. They had dinner at the Japanese Steakhouse (like Benihana's) and then stopped by our neighbors' house where the rest of us were enjoying a potluck dinner and early Halloween celebration. Then, they went off to the dance, followed by movies at Micheal's house. (Should I be worried that Micheal's college-aged brother is there and he said Hayley was "hot"?). I trust she'll have a great time. She had to work pretty hard this week getting everything set up, since ASB is in charge of putting the dance on at the school. So, she spent last night cheering on the football team at the game (they won, 55-0, what a stomp!) and then decorated until midnight! She was back at the school at 8:30 a.m. decorating some more. And tomorrow she goes back to tear it all down. She will need some R&R after that! I can't believe she's old enough to go to a dance, to drive, to have her own life and stay out later than I can stay up! Geesh, where did the time go? My beautiful girl............

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