Saturday, November 7, 2009

Red Hot Romance..........

Dueling Laptops
Remember when you brought me flowers?
Remember when we talked for hours?
Red-hot dates and scrumptious dinners?
(Before all that, we were much thinner!)
Bed and breakfasts, weekends away
Time together, those were the days!
Now we sit, you, me and our Dells...
Snuggled in bed and all is well!
You look up parts for your rusty old Ford
I veg on Facebook and I'm never bored...
Our son comes in and says, "Oh wow!"
"I gotta get a picture of this right now!"
He says "send it to Dell and make some money"
and I say "that's not a bad idea, honey!"
I could use a million bucks
And you could finally restore your truck!
Ah well, I know it's just a dream
so we live our lives (and we live it lean!)
At least we have our computers for fun
Me, my Dell and my chosen one! :)
Love you, honey!


MAMMA said...

hahahahaha! That was really funny - and clever as usual! I am still sending it on to never know!
Love, M2

Sydney said...

You rock my world!