Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Arlie's "mock" gymnastics meet

Processing in doing the "gymnast" walk....

Very cool leos!

Chalking up for the bars!

Presenting before the bar routine

Setting up for a back hip circle.....

Look at those straight legs!


Floor routine

Beam routine

"V" sit....

Look at her foot! Perfect form......

Handstand on the beam! (A few months ago she said she thought she could never do this!)

Split jump - look at that air!

Arlie had her first "mock" meet with her gymnastics team to practice for the real meets which start in January. She did great! She nailed everything and didn't mess up once. She has come SO far in her gymnastics training. She started out last fall with no experience and is already at the top of her level 3 team! We can't wait to see how she does at the actual meets. So proud of her!

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