Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fernwood Choir Field Trip

My son as a girl - ain't he purty?

Harrison and Arlie at Westlake Center

You mean we could have had sushi?

Arlie at the Fairmont Hotel

Harrison at the Fairmont


Arlie and Harrison in the Teddy Bear Suite at the Fairmont

Fernwood Choir kids with Jim Devers, host of Evening Magazine!

Giant peppermint!

Harrison and Arlie at the Fairmont

Fernwood Choir performs at the Fairmont

Pretty peppermint tree!

Fernwood choir enjoying milk and cookies at the Fairmont

Got Milk?
Arlie having a cookie at the Fairmont

Christmas tree at the Fairmont

Arlie and M-L

Fernwood Choir performs at Columbia Tower

Columbia Tower - wow that's high!

Harrison and Mommy on the bus!
We had an awesome field trip on Friday to downtown Seattle with the Fernwood Choir. First of all, the junior high choir teacher, Ben Kromholtz, started a choir at Fernwood. So, now three of my kids have him as a choir teacher, which is really cool! So, on Friday we had this amazing field trip to downtown Seattle which began at the Columbia Tower. The 76 story building was towering into the foggy morning skies, but the kids were eager to get in, sing, and then head to the 73rd floor where they could see for miles........or not, considering the day was so foggy all we could see was the ground! But it was a LONG way up! Having performed at one venue, we headed as a group to the Fairmont Hotel. The lobby was beautifully decorated with a huge tree. The kids were gathered in a room and had a treat of milk and cookies, then performed a variety of songs in the lobby. While they were singing, we noticed a professional TV crew and it turns out Evening Magazine was filming! The kids crowded around host Jim Devers (they didn't know who he was, just that he was "on TV") and insisted on pictures. He promised the kids they would be on the show on Monday, Dec. 7 at 7 p.m. (for those of you who want to watch!). The kids took turns going upstairs to the Teddy Bear Suite, which was beautifully decorated with over 130 teddy bears. Then, we headed to Westlake Center where we had lunch before heading to the bus for the trip back to school. It was such a fun day and a bonus for me to be in downtown Seattle two days in a row during the holidays! So pretty.

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