Monday, December 28, 2009

Hanging with the husband

Today I hung out all day with my best friend..........Jeff! He is my best friend because, truly, when it's just us, we have SO much fun just being together. We don't have to do anything special. First we took our van in to have the DVD player reinstalled, because it broke - again! - and this was the second time it was out of the car for at least several weeks, much to the dismay of the kids. While that was being installed we walked over to Starbucks for breakfast. I paid with my gift cards (how generous of me, right?). Then we stopped into Underhills furniture to look at dining sets and a bed for Arlie, neither of which we can afford so it was truly just window shopping. After we picked up the van we drove to Half Price Books and turned in a large bag of books for cash. What a disappointment to learn they would only pay us $6 for all those books! Next time I will just donate (not worth the gas money to drive there!). We picked up a few books for ourselves, then went to Jeff's new favorite store, Harbor Freight. This is a tool shop (mostly) but has a ton of other stuff, too, and I knew he'd love it for all things "working on your truck" that he so enjoys. I, myself, found quite a few items for the house. He even bought a new jack to work on the truck. OH! And before that we went to JoAnn fabrics where he bought vinyl to make a new headliner for his truck (haha, a guy in a fabric store!) and I scored on some after-Christmas stuff. We then went to lunch at Taco Del Mar (don't unwrap or it's in your lap - sadly Jeff did not know the ditty and so his burrito fell apart a little). Then Target for after Christmas bargains (50% off was not enough to entice me). I was scouring the dollar bins and Jeff said "you are just a sucker for anything that costs $1!" He's right. It's true. The only thing we thought to get was a snow shovel. Not finding anything else, we decided to bag the snow shovel and go to Home Depot to get paint stripper so we could strip and refinish our kitchen table. Jeff ran in while I waited in the car and came out with two cans of paint stripper........and no snow shovel. Oh well, it's mid-4o's and sunny anyway, with no snow on the horizon. But I just know we're going to need the snow shovel when we don't have it...........after that we headed home where Jeff commenced making a salmon dinner, brought me a Bailey's and chocolate while I checked my email and Facebook, and now he's vacuuming! I swear, I love this guy! He's so amazing and I often wonder what I did to deserve him. He's the best!

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jeff said...

I remembered the snow shovel when I was in the shed yesterday:)