Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What a Night(mare)!

So tonight Jeff and I were to see our eagerly awaited play "Twelfth Night" which he bought tickets for as a birthday gift to me. On my actual birthday, when were supposed to go, he was sick so I arranged to have the tickets switched to another night (for $10 more!). They were all too happy to oblige, and the lady I spoke to said "You're all set for Tuesday, December 27th" so I promptly wrote it on my calendar for Tuesday. Only December 27 was a Sunday! Tiny discrepancy. Never mind she sent a new confirmation - I scanned it and, since I had written the plans on Tuesday, as she told me, I didn't bother to carefully read the confirmation. So, off we go tonight to our play, stopping at Buca di Beppo for dinner first. We had a lovely dinner and arrived early to the play. Our first clue should have been exiting the elevator and finding the corridor eerily quiet. But we pressed on to the theater only to find the box office closed! We looked around and I saw signs for other plays but not Twelfth Night. Second clue! I finally found a flyer for all the plays and saw that Twelfth Night had, indeed, closed on Dec. 27th. What a disappointment!

The really unfortunate part is that we could ill afford the $70 price for two tickets, and to have it totally wasted is such a bummer. Especially since after Christmas is always lean time and we won't be spending any frivolous money for a while. We were both looking forward to it.

We did have some salvation, though. As we were leaving we realized a performance (free) was about to begin in the Center House so we stayed to watch. And the band we saw was ..........interesting. Entertaining to be sure, but very odd. They called themselves Awesome (not the best name choice!) and they were an eclectic group of guys playing everything from the banjo to a mouth organ. So, at least we got to see a show, even if the $70 price was pretty high for "Awesome".......

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jeff said...

It was still a nice night out on the town:) And Awesome wasn't 1/2 bad:)