Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where have all the bloggers gone?

Today was nice - there were three updates on the blogs I read regularly. But I have to say, that's a lot less than normal.....it seems these days no one is blogging. Well, actually a LOT of people are but it's in less sentences and it's called Facebook! I'm guilty of it myself - Facebook has taken away a lot of my blogging, writing, reading and otherwise productive time. I'm trying to be better about it. Just a quick check and after I read stuff, MOVE ON! No more lingering around on FB hoping someone posts something funny. Besides, my stuff is the funniest! LOL!

I have worked out almost every day for the last ten days. I know, hell must have frozen over, huh? I'm just trying so hard to get in at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. Having a cardiologist appointment next week is a bit more motivating too. I had my bloodwork for that today (let's hope for low cholesteral!). Speaking of blood work, my blood was drawn by a woman named Blossom. Yeah, seriously. Also, the lab I had to go to was SO ghetto. I mean, it was ok and all from the inside and the decor was normal, nothing extraordinary about the lab itself. But the two women who worked there (Blossom and her blood sister Juanita or something) did not seem to know what they were doing - AT ALL! First off, they asked me to give them a credit card number - just in case I had a balance left over after my insurance payment I wouldn't have to be billed. Um, let me think, give a stranger my credit card number OR get a bill in the mail? Duh! Then, they had no idea how to input my insurance information! They said "this is your prescription card" to which I replied "No, it's my insurance card" and then they proceeded to enter every combination of numbers on the card before finally making no less than three phone calls to ask for help in putting the information in! I mean, this is not some whacky backwoods insurance company! It's a major brand! Finally, they called me to draw blood. Now, my veins are tricky, so I warned the gal, but she stuck me anyway, resulting in.......absolutely nothing. In comes Blossom (and a petite flower she was not!) and stuck my vein, then proceeded to dig around until blood started flowing (she might have had better results just slitting my wrists!) I'm sure I'll be sporting a nice bruise by tonight.

Hayley asked me what I did all day now that I was no longer working as a nanny. So, today I am writing everything down so she can see. She said "what, you go to Starbucks, do the treadmill and clean?" Well, ok, maybe that's most of what I do, but I'm breaking it down for her anyway. And for the record, I have not been to Starbucks in several days. And I even had a gift card which I could have used today and really wanted to, because I thought I deserved a reward for that crappy blood draw, but instead I came home and decided to exercise! See? Progress.

Well, laundry awaits. My roots await. Dusting awaits. And whatever else comes up between now and then................

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