Saturday, March 6, 2010

Crappy Week......

The sun is shining today so I'm hoping this signals the end of a pretty crappy week for us. The break in on Monday led to a lot of work and getting things back to safety. Hayley's situation turned out disturbing. The boy was suspended and pulled from the play, but then we heard what we hoped was a rumor that he had attempted suicide and was in the hospital. After talking to school admin. who, of course, could not divulge much info due to privacy issues, it became apparent that perhaps this was NOT a rumor. I also gathered enough information to understand that several other things came up and was told that Hayley and I "did a great service" in reporting this boy as things came to light that "jeopardized the safety of Hayley and many other students". Not sure how to take that, but it appears it was way more serious than even we knew. Which is very disturbing and way too close to home. They also couldn't tell me if this boy would be back in school or when. They can inform us when he's back on campus, but what then? I hope he's just out for the rest of the year and getting the help he needs. But you just never know and I feel like I have to worry constantly.

Yesterday Harrison and Arlie had a choir and marimba concert. They are both in choir at school which entails staying after on Fridays to practice. And Harrison is in marimba band which entails giving up two recesses a week to practice. They've been practicing for this concert for months and in the middle of it, Harrison got a bloody nose that wouldn't stop for 15 minutes so he missed some choir songs and a marimba song. Made it back in time for the last marimba number. He was SO disappointed and it broke my heart because I know he was so excited about this. What luck! And it's not like there's a "do-over" for something like that. I also missed Arlie performing because I was in the bathroom with Harrison trying to help his nose stop bleeding. Poor kid.

The good news is Hayley's play opened and it's great! Beautiful set, funny actors, and great special effects. She plays a housekeeper in the wild and woolly west (also the name of the play) who is the eyes and ears of the Bar None Ranch and is killed off by an evil villian. She is a natural on stage and has the best twang!

So, curses on this last week (except for the play!) and here's to a great weekend and week ahead. The sun sure helps!

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Sydney said...

Ok that REALLY is freaky about the boy at school. I would be making sure Hayley is always with others when she has to be at school late and never walking alone. Teenage boys are certainly unpredictable.