Friday, March 12, 2010

Easy to please........

I'm such a sucker. I went to Staples, and, because they were on clearance, bought several Crayola products just for fun! Included among those was Pip Squeak markers. They're like regular markers, only shorter. Seriously. That's the only difference. But I'm a sucker for all things mini. I don't know why, but I've wanted some of these cute little markers forever but was always too cheap to buy them. Of course, I justified it by saying (to myself) "they're for the kids" but honestly? I just wanted them. They even come in their own cute little tower.

I love office supplies. What a dork, huh? But I really dig things like colored paper clips, cool pens and post-it notes. Jeff once gave me, as a gift, an entire bag full of different post-it notes. I loved it! I have recently become a fan of these cool little mechanical pencils that look like real pencils. They are shorter than regular pencils, which added to their appeal, because, again - MINI! I also bought myself a PINK tape dispenser for my desk! I love it.

Some girls like shoes, jewelry, makeup. I'm big on office supplies, art supplies and paper of any sort. Notepads, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, gift bags, folders and journals all make me smile. There's just nothing like having a nice, fresh notepad to write "to do" lists on or opening a box of brand-new crayons with the tips still pointy. I've fallen in love with patterned "designer" file folders but, really? That is maybe going a bit too far for even me - because who will see them? Still, they're pretty.

The bonus? When everything matches! Or at least coordinates. I practically drool at the back to school sales when they have a notebook, journal, folder, composition book, and date book in matching or coordinating patterns. I want to buy these things but one can only have so many journals. I did treat myself to a planner and a matching folder with which to keep my life organized (haha) this year.

I'm a sucker. Staples loves me.


Sarah said...

Haha I feel ya! Jason often calls me his "shrimp" - a silly name that stuck early on because of our difference in height and size. But I also like all things mini as well, so whenever we see something while out and about that is short or mini and I jump at how much I love it, he just comments at how it's made for "shrimps" haha.

Mimi/Papa said...

LOLOL I have to are SO MUCH like me!!! I LOVE Staples or any type of office supply store or art stores...and, well, don't get me near a MAP store!! I can spend hours just walking around looking at all those neat things. hahaha Next payday, I'm going to my fav map store and buying a map of Germany since we have one of the Middle East when Sydney lived there! I love to "read" maps, even road maps, etc... is this a disease..?? And as for your eating "cake"...well, I am a "cake" eater, too. I have this great recipe for a special chocolate cake that I CRAVE all the time and I'm not even that fond of too much chocolate!! I WILL NOT share any "sweet/sugar" recipes with you at this time, but I will still buy you your white chocolate bunny for Easter! This will be a can only eat 1 oz. a day, OK? haha We BOTH have a sugar problem, although after living with your dad and having to try to watch what he eats in the sweet department, I have lost some of my cravings for sweets. Maybe you should try to find an "AAtype" of group that is for sugar addicts! I know they exist and if you find one that makes sense, let me know and I'll join from far away! Then we can "compete" for those pounds lost! Love you, Honey...don't give up. You can do it!! Mom

This is word verification is "reach" we both need to REACH for a better life of eating habits!!!