Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oh, Mom, I forgot..........

Last night Harrison informed me that there is a band concert tonight. Tonight! Talk about giving me NO notice. Worse, Arlie is also in this band concert, and SHE didn't tell me about it either. They "forgot". I hear that a lot. I call it the "I need a turkey costume by tomorrow" syndrome. It usually starts out, "Oh, by the way, mommy........" and ends with some insurmountable task such as being in two places at once or baking three dozen cupcakes from scratch. Or something. So, tonight is gymnastics/trampoline night which means Arlie will have to cut her session short (and we already paid for the extended session, AND she's already missed two of the classes this session for midwinter break......so we're out precious $$). Two kids will be scrambling into "band clothes" in the bathroom at the gym and we'll be making a mad dash to the jr. high to get there in time for warm-ups. Then, I will take a seat on the ever-so-comfortable bleachers, and endure, ahem, I mean, LISTEN to elementary band students do their best to entertain, all the while balancing a video camera to capture the moments so dad/stepdad can see it, as he has a previous engagement and can't attend. Good times.

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