Monday, March 22, 2010

San Francisco Day Two

Jeff in his Don Johnson impersonation....

Me in one of my new dresses

Teatro Zinzanni!

We've been to the "Seattle tent", now we're checking out the "San Francisco Tent"!

Hard to see but I bought a cool new headband for the show - feather and flower with pearl center - very Zinzanni!

Jeff looks lovely in feather boas!

Here I am sporting an ostrich-feather boa!

Christine Deaver, one of the actresses in the show! She was amazing! Notice how's she squishing Jeff's head into her boobs? She called him "her little nugget"! HAHAHA!

Jeff and the hot waitresses!

The bay bridge on our walk to find a taxi after the show
Day two in San Francisco started early with a little breakfast at the Starbucks in the hotel lobby (prices a dollar more than any other Starbucks - grrrr). We then walked to the Moscone Center West so Jeff could start his work at the convention and I went back to the hotel to try and get online and post my photos of day one. No luck in the lobby so I took my laptop back to the room and walked to Walgreen's to pick up a few items we needed. Back to the hotel to drop off my purchases and spent an hour just hanging out. Then, I went back out to Ross, which is right next door to the hotel, to get Jeff a belt because he forgot his. Well, I found a lot more than a belt! Two shirts, two pairs of pants and a belt for Jeff, three dresses, two headbands and a clutch for me, and I left with a heavy bag of purchases! From there I headed to the mall, which was just a block away. The Westfield San Francisco is huge! Nine stories of stores and restaurants. I went to lunch at a little French bakery and had a ham and cheese croissant and lemonade. Walked around a bit, then headed back to the hotel to try on my new purchases and see what I wanted to wear for the big show! Jeff bought us tickets to see Teatro Zinzanni! We had been a few years ago to the Seattle show, but San Francisco is where it originated so we decided to check out the new show here. WOW. It was amazing! It's just an indescribable show - three and a half hours of delicious food, served in courses that coordinate with the show. There is singing, dancing, contortionists, comedy, acrobatics, opera, just really incredible stuff. Plus amazing costumes and all inside a "big top" tent that is beautifully decorated. It's expensive but so worth every penny, because it's like nothing you've ever done before. We laughed all night! After the show, we had trouble hailing a taxi so we walked about ten blocks (me in heels!) which was not very fun, but we finally found a taxi and headed back to the hotel tired and happy. I've been fighting a cold since we arrives (damn airplane!) and so my throat was killing me, but a little ibuprofen and I'm good. What a great night!!

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Sydney said...

That all sounds like so much fun! What a great way to celebrate a kidless vacation! :)