Monday, March 1, 2010

A Thief in the Night........

Woke up this morning to the unpleasant discovery of a theft! Both vans (left unlocked by the kids, but I blame Jeff for not checking on things before falling into a deep stupor after imbibing too much wine) were broken into, CDs taken, stereo stolen, garage door remotes taken, cars riffled through.........and then they used the garage door openers to open up the garage and steal all of Jeff's tools! We found a few tools on the corner of the street (must have fallen out of the chest while they took off). Police report was filed, insurance called, garage door recoded and new openers acquired. At this point we've made a list of about $3000 in items missing.

Before even dealing with the theft (which I left Jeff to do) I had to take Hayley to school to meet with admin and the school police officer about a boy who was harrassing her. Long story short, the boy was suspended and pulled from the play they are both in, which opens Friday. We've been reassured that this boy understands the consequences but of course are now worried about repercussions. This is the second time we've had to deal with a situation similar to this. I can't believe we're going through it again and I worry all the time that things will be ok.

Later, we had big tears and drama over homework. I don't understand why they teach kids a hundred different ways to do math when there is really only ONE way to get the right answer. Why confuse them? I can't even help the kids because the math we did was different than the way they do it now. I only make it worse when I try to help. Thankfully Hayley came home in time to help.

That was my Monday. Thoroughly craptastic.


Pitchin Princess said...

Wow what a day!!!

I HATE the way they teach kids math, they make it soooo difficult. Chuck and I were both math majors in college and we have a hard time somedays.

Hope your insurance covers everything.

Sydney said...

I can't believe your garage was broken into! Was the door to the house unlocked? I would have been so freaked out. You poor people. And poor Hayley being harassed! High school boys are jerks. At she only has one more year and can move on to slightly more "real" life. :)