Thursday, April 8, 2010

Boise for Spring Break!

Hannah and Harrison making snowballs at Snoqualmie pass, where we got stuck for over two hours....nice way to start the trip!

Nothing like peeing in the woods! HAHA!

Arlie and Hannah are freezing! Arlie went potty in the woods and knocked over a tree!

Snowy mountains....pretty to look at, but a bummer to be stuck in!

But it was all worth it, because we had our eyes on the prize! Kaden!!

We saw Uncle Doug for the first time in four years!

We love Unka Doug!

The Weeble Twins....

Like father, like son!

Papa, Uncle Doug, Kaden and Mimi

Me and my daddy!

Pretty Hannah! (Kaden took this)

Kaden and his pretty mommy Sydney

Hannah and Kaden

Hayley hunts for Easter eggs

Harrison hunts for eggs (look up, Harrison!)

Hannah hunts for eggs

Harrison found an egg on top of the van!

Kaden seemed to think all his eggs were pigs!

Aunt Marcia baked several batches of coma-inducing sugar cookies! Yum!

Little stinker!

Kaden took this great shot of Jeff!

And this amazing shot of Arlie!

Kaden took this too!

Hi Papa!

We took the kids to see CATS while we were visiting....
They clean up so nice!

All the girls in our family!

Da boyz!

Harrison, our little man!

Jeff and Arlie - she's almost as tall as her dad!



Arlie all dressed up!


Pretty girl!

Me and my guy!

Kaden tries out the trumpet!

Look at that sweet face!

Kaden captures Hayley!

Kaden took this funny shot of Jeff....

And this shot of me!

Kaden, so cute!

Aunt Mo loves Kaden!

Kaden and Harrison checking out the cell phone!
Kaden and his right-sized guitar!

Kaden's photography skills again, wonderful!

Uncle Doug, fire burnin' on the dance floor?

Sweet baby!

How are those deviled eggs?

Harrison with his Mimi and Papa

Kids and their (great) grandparents

Smile! Say supercheese!

The Gordon/Moore kids and Mimi and Papa!

Me and mom and dad

Jeff in jammies!

My mommy and me!

A hotel named for Harrison!

Kaden tries a lime......sour!

Mexican food night out.....

It was Jeff' birthday! No , it wasn't!
Peekaboo, Kaden!

Arlie took this of Hannah! Great shot!

Love that face!

Uncle Deven and Harrison chilling out at Cracker Barrell.....

"Special" Uncle Deven tries to embarrass Hayley.....and it works!

Bye-bye, Hayley!

Bye-bye, Hannah!

Bye-bye, Arlie!

Bye-bye, Harrison!

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Pitchin Princess said...

I love the 'special' Uncle Devon one. Chuck did something like this at a Cracker Barrel when Alyssa took a friend to Myrtle Beach with us one year. He had the Billy Bob teeth in talking to whoever would listen. Alyssa was so embarassed.