Monday, May 31, 2010

Babies and BBQ

Two pregnant mamas - due July 8 and Aug. 1

Dueling bellies!

Jeff and Suzanne Pearson

Carol and Mike Hansen

Peter and Mike

Papa, Mimi and Jim Hansen

Kaden and his dog posse!

Playgroup kids all grown up!

Haley and Hayley, age 16

Haley, Hayley and Audrey, age 16

Hannah and Lexie, age 14

Hannah and Lexie - friends since birth!

Tonya, M-L and Shannon

Unca Jeff and Kaden play blocks and cars!
We had a BBQ and baby shower here on May 28. Lots of old friends came to celebrate and it was fun to see everyone. Jeff and Suzanne are expecting their first baby together on Aug. 1. Mike and Carol brought Peter who is 2 1/2 and so cute and smart! Shannon and family came bearing baby gifts and delicious brownies and Tonya and her girls came and helped complete the picture of all our playgroup friends grown up. We were missing a few (Stephanie, Trevor, Natalie, Rachel and Randy) but it's amazing how fast our babies are grown, and that we're adding a new generation of babies already with Sydney! Jeff whipped up burgers and dogs on his new BBQ and mom made macaroni salad and baked beans. My oven went out in the morning so we were stuck without an oven to bake or heat - and the microwave is out as well! Still, we had a great time. Jeff tapped his newest brew - May Day IPA. Good times!

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