Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday, Monday......

Mondays are weird for me. If I'm lucky, I start them with yoga, then run an errand or two or head home to do some work around the house. Today I did both errands AND work around the house, and as always, the time got away from me. Before I knew it, it was 2:45 and I had to pick Arlie up from school and get to the dentist by 3! Oops. Even being late, we were done at the dentist in less than a half hour and at gymnastics a full fifteen minutes early. Being early is almost unheard of for me. I'm sure it's an annoyance to my husband, my friends, and my employers, who are always waiting for me to show up. I am chronically late, and it's because I attempt to use every spare minute "doing stuff" before I had to actually get in the car and drive somewhere. Now, I've considered trying to be on time. I've even made that my New Year's resolution before. But when I arrive early, I find myself waiting. And I don't so much like to wait. If I'm at a restaurant meeting a friend for lunch, there's that awkward waiting/staring at the door/should I just order my food situation when I'd much rather just arrive fashionably late where we meet in the parking lot and stroll in together. Or, if I'm heading to work, I don't want to be early because I want to get paid for EVERY LAST MINUTE I'm there (and I'm annoyed if I have to work over my shift!). I guess there's just no pleasing me, or being on time. Now, it's not like I can't wait and be patient. When I take Arlie to gymnastics on Mondays, I wait THREE HOURS while she flips and tumbles and conditions and vaults and balances. On good days, I've packed something to do. But more often than not, I'm stuck with my cell phone (which gets spotty coverage at best in the gym), and a stack of magazines. Maybe another mom to talk to from time to time. The point is, I wait. Then, I get home at 7:30 and the deluge hits. Every kid wants to talk to me, needs something from me or needs a fire lit under their butt to get chores done. Dinner is sometimes made, sometimes not. Lunches need to be packed for the next day, laundry done, chores done, dinner eaten, kids told numerous times to get a shower and go to bed, etc. Finally it's just me and my computer and it's LATE. And that's when I have my wind down time. I'd love to get to bed early and really catch up on some sleep, but it's impossible to just drop at 10 p.m. when I've been refereeing a tween drama crisis, switching loads of laundry, making my bed that I stripped this morning with all good intentions of not leaving it to be remade until bedtime (fail, every time) and finding out upon opening email that today is the LAST possible day to pay for the camping trip that is about to be canceled if I don't pay NOW. Gah! Then, my mind is running a million miles a minute and I just can't go to sleep. Until after midnight and then that 6:30 alarm clock sounds WAY too early. Mondays are a blur. Bring on Tuesday!

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