Monday, May 10, 2010

Really Amazing Mother's Day!

I had the best Mother's day doing absolutely nothing on a beautiful, sunny day in the Pacific NW. Normally on a beautiful (rare!) day around here, I feel the need to do an outing - to the beach or a park or something outdoorsy and fun in the sun. Yesterday, I was completely happy to just lounge around all day in the sun - and I did! I woke to sun streaming in my window and birds chirping and Jeff made me breakfast to order and Harrison delivered it to me (adding a few special touches). Arlie wrote me the funniest poem (see my FB to read it!), and Hayley brought me pretty flowers! Harrison wrote me a sweet note and Jeff gave me a nice card. Hayley also made me a slide show of old pictures of all my babies when they were little, along with a sweet song to accompany it. Hannah had friends sleep over so she got around to wishing me a Happy Mother's day after they all left! HAHA! I lounged in bed with my computer until noon, showered, and went outside where I lounged in the sun reading, talking with the kids and Jeff and Amy and Julius, who stopped by, and just soaking up the rays. Jeff made pizza for dinner, Hayley made me a cake, and later we all went out on the roof! The kids had a blast up there and Jeff laughed at us for "discovering a whole new dimension of our house"! It was fun and just relaxing. A really great Mother's day!

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