Saturday, May 15, 2010

Relay for Life

Hannah and Tiffany

Hannah is tired!

Arlie just ran a few laps!

Jeff saying "hi"

Hannah, Arlie, Rylie and Hayley ready to relay!
Hayley and Hannah are participating in Relay for Life this weekend. Emphasis on the "lay" since it appears by these pictures that they are spending most of their time laying down! But they are actually walking, with a team, around a track for almost 24 hours (someone from the team is on the track continuously for the entire time). It's a big party, with live bands, food being sold, fundraisers, a luminaria ceremony, and a big sleepover in tents. Mostly I've only heard complaining about teenage girl drama and I ask myself, WHY do they do this? Oh yeah, to raise money for the American Cancer Society. But the money is already raised by Relay time, so the walk is just the icing on the cake - the celebration. And year after year, it's all about friend drama, someone's feet or knees hurting and them being cold at night. Sigh! I'm just glad I didn't volunteer to chaperone!

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