Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bird Brain

Today as I was stepping out of the shower, Jeff called and asked me "did you get the picture I sent you?" Since I had just exited the shower, no, I had not received the photo but he went on to explain that he found a baby bird, presumably fallen or booted from it's nest, on the ground in the parking lot at his work. He was on his way to Toastmasters, and LEFT IT THERE, and asked me if I wanted to save it. I said "why didn't YOU save it?" to which he replied "because I'm the speaker today!" (Toastmasters - 1, baby bird - 0). So, of course I rushed over there to help, grabbing a small box, soft towel and rubber gloves on my way. I looked and looked where he told me it was and, sadly, it was gone. Oh well, I thought. Nature. So, I went on my way, doing my errands and was just pulling up to another errand when he called again. "So, you couldn't find it huh?" he says. "No", I replied sadly. "I was really hoping something good would happen today. I thought I could take care of this baby bird and give my life some purpose." (cue melodramatic music here). He continued to talk to me on the phone and suddenly he exclaimed "Wait! The baby bird is still here! He's on the trail. Someone must have moved him or he walked over here!" I was SO excited and said "don't move! Stay with the bird and I'll be right there!" Well, not five minutes later, I pull into the parking lot and there's no sign of Jeff OR the bird. Perplexed, I called Jeff. Seven times. And got directed to his voice mail seven times. One of his co-workers passed by and said "Oh, Jeff is in building 2, he should be along in a minute." Odd, I thought. My directions were to STAY WITH THE BIRD! I scoured the trail bird. Jeff came along and pointed to where the bird had been before he ABANDONED it, alone and possibly injured, along the trail. No baby bird. No chirping, no rustling in the bushes, nothing. We spent about ten minutes looking, listening and waiting and then Jeff looked at his watch and said "Ok, I'm calling it at 1:40 and 41 seconds." Shoulders slumping I walked dejectedly to the car. No baby bird to save. No giving my life purpose. No silver lining. Just a picture on my phone of a fat little puffball of a bird, squat and round, with his little head upturned as if to say "Hey, you stupid guy, why didn't you pick me up in the first place?" Sad. :(

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