Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Today was payday, for a few hours, until we went to Costco where it became poorday again. Why is that place so damned expensive? I can't decide if it's just such a sticker shock because we only go a few times a year, or if it's just because you end up buying WAY too much crap you'll never eat/use. However, I DO use/eat what I buy at Costco. And I'm very picky about what I buy. I shop enough to know what's a deal and what's not and Costco is NOT always the best deal. But today we went with a handful of coupons and no list (yikes!). The first thing Jeff saw was a portable air conditioner. He immediately justified to me why we needed it ("it's a present for me so I don't have to listen to you complain all the time about being too hot!"). Now, in my defense, certain hormonal changes have kept me in the hothouse for the past several years, AND our bedroom is always stuffy (we run the fan even in the late fall, early spring). And I'm just tired of being so damned hot! So, yeah, I voice my opinion from time to time (to time to time to all the time). Air conditioner was procured along with a six pound bag of pretzels, two huge bags of M&M's, a bikini for Hannah and various other essentials and non-essentials alike. The final price was a huge shock to me and made me feel a little bit sick to my stomach. Sure, we have enough food to last us through the summer, but I am still reeling from the sheer number on the receipt and my realization that we are, in the span of one day, broke again. We still have bills to pay and I'm certain unexpected "expenses" will arise, and we're just playing the broke game all over again. AND we're not even paying our mortgage this month. It just makes me want to cry. If I wasn't already on strong anti-ulcer meds I'm sure I'd be suffering right now. Costco = evil!


Pitchin Princess said...

We are the same way at Sams Club. I don't even let Chuck go with my anymore because he always sees 'good deals' or that sample was god let's get some. When he goes we spend a few hundred unplanned dollars. I go monthly to get dog food and a bag or two of salt for the softener. Other stuff though I really have to watch prices on, unless it is something I know we use a lot of and can justify buying in bulk, I can usually get a better deal at the store using coupons (Sams doesn't take coupons).

jeff said...

The air conditioner was soooooo worth it. M-L is miserable when it gets too hot (above 65) and we can't afford nor want to invest 3500.00 + in central air. Every year we wait until we can't stand it and then it is too late and we can't find portable air conditioners anywhere. Not this year. One final note: we didn't choose to not pay our mortgage - we chose to survive and stocking up on food for 6 for the summer is both economical and necessary IMO.