Monday, June 21, 2010

Hayley's Roaring Twenties 17th Birthday Party

Al Capone...

...and his sidekick Charlie!

Two tough gangsters, guarding the speakeasy...

Tommy guns at the ready!

What a pretty little flapper girl!

Daddy's little darling!

Tough girls!

Flapper sisters!

Uh-oh, gunshots!

Al Capone and matron mama Morton!

Who's birthday is it?

Aauuggghhh!!! I'm innocent, I swear!

Sweet sisters!

Mama and her chickies!


Happy Birthday superstar!

Pretty little favors

A friendly game of blackjack..

Party girls!

The party guests!

Maddie and Hayley (friends since age 4!)

Haley, Maddie and Hayley

Audrey and Lauren (friends with Hayley since 6 weeks old!)

Hanging outside.....

Swingin' flapper girls! Rylie and Arlie (BFF's since third grade)


Twirly girls!

Ice cream cake!

Rylie, Hannah and Arlie

Make a wish!

The parentals....keeping things under control at all times (ha!)

Bootleggers? Moonshine? Bathtub gin?

Don't worry ma'am.......we've got it all under control!
Hayley's birthday party was held a little early this year since many of her (wealthier) friends are heading to France (ooh, la, la). She came up with a 1920's speakeasy theme, inspired by the movie Chicago. Everyone came in costume. Some were purchased and some put together - all of them were great! We found some amazing decorations online, and picked red, gold and black as theme colors. Hayley did all the decorating herself! Bullet holes in the doors and walls, long pearl necklaces, dice and black tulle with tealights decorating the bannister, cutouts of jazz bands, flappers, gangster cars and even street signs and a speakeasy sign. We served turkey roll-ups, chocolate fondue, chips, fruit and veggie trays, ginger-ale punch and root beer in bottles. We even found "vintage" candy! In the rush to get the party ready, Hayley forgot to make cupcakes so we sent Jeff and Harrison out to buy an ice cream cake. They came back with a cake that said "Happy Birthday" on it, decorated with a Tiki and surfboards! HUH? Luckily, I had leftover coffee/chocolate frosting which we quickly used to cover the decoration on the cake. As you can see by the photo, you can't even tell. But it was funny! The kids sang karaoke and we watched Chicago. It was a great time and an amazing theme party!

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Mimi/Papa said...

One of the cutest parties I have ever seen pictures of! Gosh, we I had been there and I could have taught them all to do the Charleston!!! hahaha Glad everyone had a great time! and...the cake looked awesome!