Saturday, June 5, 2010

Making Malas



My mala

A little refreshment!

My finished mala - NOT a headband....

Carla has two malas!

Amy's mala

We made some earrings too!

Priscilla was our jewelry master!

My leftover beads!
I got together with some girlfriends and we made malas! A mala is a 108 bead necklace (or wound around your wrist, bracelet) that is used in meditation or chanting, traditionally, in Buddhist or Tibetan cultures or for yoga and/or meditative practice. I'm not sure any of us were planning to meditate or chant anytime soon, but we did enjoy the process of making them. Traditionally, you are supposed to choose beads that feel "warm" in your hand...hmm.......I thought they all felt cold, but finally chose jasper because it seemed less cold than the others. At the end of your 108 bead strand, you put a "guru" bead. I chose jasper for this too, but in the end, my elastic string didn't fit through so I improvised with a silvery bead and finished off with a tassel of five beads each, which also has some meaning. Not that I can remember what that is. Anyway, I finished quickly and, not wanting to waste my beads, whipped up a bracelet and a ring too! Now I have a whole set of jewelry to wear and hopefully some good luck or karma or pixie dust will fall on me. Namaste!

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Go Mala Making Mommas!