Friday, July 30, 2010

Camp Week!

Kids just finished a week of camp. They go every year to one particular day camp and they love it. I happen to love it too, because it's my "week off" in the summer. I looked forward to this week for so long. Big plans! Oh yeah, I had so many things to accomplish this week. So, here's what my list looked like:
1. Exercise 5 times (I didn't exercise ONCE this week! Nothing!)
2. Finish books, start a new one. (Nope. I'm almost finished with one of my books, but it's more of a self-help thing and not really entertaining. Put my other book on hold to read this one, so I'm still way behind!)
3. See a movie. (YES! I went to see "Despicable Me" with my awesome friend Peggy)
4. Organize recipes/photos (Sort of. I did organize a pile of recipes I've been meaning to get into a notebook for a very long time, but pictures? Nope. I always have big plans of scrapbooking "in my spare time" but when does that ever happen? Never!)
5. Use massage coupon, other gift certificates. (Nope. I did use a pedicure gift cert. I had last weekend, but despite having a gift cert. for 2 massages and a facial, I did not even make an appointment this week to pamper myself. What is WRONG with me? Any why do I STILL have these since, I'm embarrassed to admit, over a year ago!?)
6. Start food journal. (HELL no and it's a good thing because I'm pretty sure I don't want to remember what I ate this week...)

So, what DID I do this week? Well, my "me time" was cut into right away on Monday when I was tapped to drive a bunch of kids up to Snoqualmie for a photo shoot. That took a couple hours of my day, and then it was pretty much shot. I took a lot of naps. Ate a lot of crappy food. Had a lot of coffee. Puttered around the house. Wrote. Stayed in my pajamas way too long. Read. Sat on the porch swing. Worked at a costume party for the high school production. Made dinner each night. Enjoyed the total quiet in the middle of the day when the sun was shining, there was a light breeze and no one was home. Ran a few errands. Folded laundry and watched TV. And mostly just enjoyed having no agenda.

Now that the kids are back, I suddenly feel the need to have order. The floors I've been "meaning" to vacuum all week are now being done by the kids, everyone is pitching in on chores and I'm baking treats and we're all going to sit down in a few minutes and watch a kids' tv show special. I'd say it was a pretty good week at "camp" for all of us..........

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