Friday, July 9, 2010

Seattle Center!

We headed to Seattle Center for a day of fun. We started at the Science Center where Hayley showed off her symmetry........

...and Harrison defied gravity!

Munchkins sang "Lollipop Guild" while filming themselves in the fun house mirror!

Mommy found a mirror that made her skinny and THAT was worth a picture!

We saw naked mole rats. They look like a penis with feet. The one in the tube is not dead. He was just sleeping and the other mole rats would just climb over him!

There were beautiful butterflies in the butterfly exhibit....

Tiger striped ones, too!

Hayley pointed out where we live....

....and that she had a better pedicure than this dinosaur!

Harrison dared to put his head in a lion's mouth!

While Hayley attempted to tuck herself into the contortionist's box...

Harrison tried out being a Ringmaster...

.....while Hayley played the Fat Lady!

Who's a cuddwy widdle bear?

Then it was time to cool off in the fountain!

Seattle is so beautiful on a summer day!

It was very hot out. Hayley caught some rays...

While Hannah defied the need for sunscreen!

Harrison loved the fountain and all it's cooling jets of water....

Especially the ones that shot the water high into the air! Almost as tall as the Space Needle?

It was a fun day in Seattle!

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