Thursday, September 16, 2010

BMR - Behind the Scenes

Harrison after the first show - the smile says it all!

Jasmine and Hayley

Tonaiya and Harrison

Max and Hayley - Max surprised Hayley with flowers and an invitation to homecoming!

Hannah and  Dannie being......Hannah and Dannie!

Pretty girls!

Jeff was challenged by one of the high school techs - could he still do a handstand? Yes, he can!

Arlie and more of the kids' choir......

Hayley and Jasmine!

Max, Haley F., Audrey, Hayley, and Jasmine

Happy faces!

Hayley sharing a laugh with Haley B.

The two Ha(y)leys  - all grown up!

Harrison and Arlie under heavy layers of stage makeup!

Arlie and Harrison hoist George, the tiniest 9 year old around!

Chandler and Hannah

Maddi and Hannah

Photobomb! Thanks, Hannah!

Hayley says "f...." oh wait, she's telling me to back up........

Hayley, Jasmine and Becca

Rhianna, Hayley and Haley F.

Hannah and Ashton strike similar poses.......

Hayley and Austin

Kate, Hayley, Austin, Max, Rhianna and Jasmine

Colin sporting a unibrow and chest hair.....

Hayley and Jasmine

Vamping it up!

Hayley poses with the professional photos......

Work it, girl!

So sassy!

Hayley and Maddie - hard to believe these two have known each other since age 4. They dressed a lot more conservatively then........

Hayley with LOTS of stage makeup on.......


Now we really know she's acting because she would NEVER kiss her sister..........

Austin give Hayley a lift!


Arlie is so short compared to Austin and Max!

Austin give Arlie a lift!
Hayley, Alyssa the choreographer, Austin, Max, Kara and Sina

Harrison and "Elpheba" aka Rachel - now THAT'S some stage makeup!

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