Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shish kabob - a pretentious food........

First off, I'm not even sure that's how you spell it. Spell check told me it is, so, much like the reliable source, Wikipedia, I'm choosing to believe it. Today I passed an "Indian food" restaurant called Kabob House. And I started to think about shish kabob. I mean, what a stupid idea. Let's take a piece of meat, cut it into tiny pieces of meat, and put it on a stick with a bunch of veggies. Why? Seriously. Why? It takes a ton of time to create all those skewers of meat and veggies when you could just slap it all on the grill and forgo the sticks. And the really ridiculous part? You take the food OFF the stick before you eat it!! So, what is the stick for? It's simply a tool to hold the ingredients together on the grill. Well, guess what? A steak doesn't slip through the grates and they make veggie baskets. So, pony up for a new grill accessory and lose the sticks already! Shish kabob indeed! Speaking of which, what is "shish"? I mean,  I get the kabob part (kabob n: food on a stick) but shish? Unless that's a version of a word you might say when you stab yourself in the finger trying to remove the food from the skewer, I am in the dark. What IS shish kabob? 

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