Monday, November 1, 2010

Break a leg!

Colin (The Interviewer) and Hannah (Elizabeth, the practicing vampire)

Part of the cast of "Thirteen Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview"

Hayley (Sean) in "The Long View"

Geena and Hayley "The Long View"

Red-carpet ready!

Celebrity in the making!

Being inducted into the Thespian Society

Laughing as she's introduced as a new thespian

The frenzy! "The Long View" wins best play!

The cast of "The Long View"

Hayley was SO happy!

Max won Best Supporting Actor!

Whisking her away.....

Cousins Makayla and Maiya came to see the show!

Another scene from "The Long View"

Harrison, Hayley, Maiya, Arlie and Hannah after the show

This past weekend Hayley and Hannah performed in Dramafest, a series of One Act plays that were student directed.  Hayley played Sean in "The Long View" - the best friend to the lead. She gave a very dramatic and believable performance, and earned a nomination for Best Actress!! She didn't win that award, but her play won for Best Play and now they get to take their performance on the road to the state competition! Hannah made her acting debut in "Thirteen Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview" playing Elizabeth, a "practicing vampire". She gave an amazing deadpan and hysterical performance as a seemingly normal, accomplished potential college student who just happens to mention that she's a practicing vampire. Both plays were amazing and we were so proud of the girls for their incredible performances. Hayley was inducted into the Thespian Society after the final show. Can't wait to see what's next for these two budding actresses! 

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