Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Camping in November

We went camping/clamming this past weekend. The forecast called for snow, but did  that deter Jeff? It did not. He simply said "I like camping in inclement weather! It's like giving Mother Nature the finger!" Ok. Well said? Anyway, off we went, and surprisingly, although the weather was bone-chilling cold, we enjoyed some sunshine on  the beach, clammed our hearts out, gave the dogs some much-needed free reign, and had a great time visiting with friends from Spokane and sharing a new hobby with them. BUT.......

It was freakin' cold! So cold, in fact, that Rylie and Arlie chose sitting by the heater in the camper over s'mores and we used up every available extra blanket in the camper despite the heater (p.s. I was totally comfortable, seeing as I chose the prime sleeping spot right next to the heater - heh, heh!). Sunday morning we ventured out by the fire long enough for a s'more or two and our friends headed back to Spokane. The weather was cold, cloudy and dry. For a few minutes. Then, a sprinkle or two turned into a full-fledged snowstorm on the beach! Arlie and Rylie were thrilled beyond words, especially since I had told them it rarely snows on the beach. They bundled up and frolicked on the beach while Jeff and I (mostly Jeff) took down the camper.

 Our Spokane friends, the Kuntz family - Jeff, Shelly, Grant, Elizabeth, Braedyn

 Jeff and his old faithful dog, Shade!

 Clam digging - ewww!

 Arlie, Rylie and Elizabeth freezing on the beach!

 See? The sun really did shine!

 November in the Northwest!

 Moon over the beach....

 This is what it looked like on our car ride home!

 The dogs enjoyed their time!

 Arlie and Rylie elated to find snow on the beach (see sprinkling of snow on the sand)

 Snow on the beach!

Our camper - frozen!

Soaked to the bone, we finally headed back home - only to discover blizzard-like conditions on the roads. Ah yes, the joys of driving in the snow, compounded by pulling a trailer. Pure white knuckle joy! We saw a car spun off the road and resting in a ditch, but fearing for our own safety should we pull over, we simply called 911 and kept on our way. It snowed a good deal of the ride home until turning to rain. Once again, we arrived home with a soggy camper, only to have it covered by snow within hours. Good times, winter camping! Not.

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jeff said...

Hey all: I'm going again this weekend and looking forward to it! Good times!