Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Great news!

We got approved for a trial loan modification. What that means is that for three months, we will pay a new, reduced amount for our mortgage and after that, if we pay on time, etc. the modification can become permanent. I say "can" because we've heard stories about our bank, Chase, in particular, going ahead with foreclosures even after people have spent months paying their modified amount on time. I'm REALLY hoping that does not happen to us, but since it was 19 months to the day since we started this process, I have a good deal of skepticism about the entire thing. However, it's such great news and really a break we needed, especially right now. Things have been looking so bleak lately, and we were not even sure we'd be able to keep our house, and now it looks like we can make it work. We'll still be on a VERY tight budget, but at least we've been given this much-needed break. Yay!