Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Facebook Paralysis

We all have it. Well, those of us who have a Facebook have it. It's called Facebook Paralysis. It's a real condition whereupon a person, glued to their Facebook screen, and, having read all the most recent posts, played all the games (if you do that crap, I don't!), and commented on all the photos possible, keeps staring at the screen, refreshing and hoping something, anything, will come up to entertain them. Now, mind you, we all have other things beckoning us - chores, obligations, children. And we all know our lives somehow progressed along before Facebook. But now we are in its grips, Facebook, like Starbucks, keeps us coming back by the sheer power of "want". You WANT a latte. You WANT a pastry. And no matter where you go, on every corner, there's a Starbucks urging you into its double doors. You blindly follow the glowing green light of Starbucks' logo sign and pay $4 for a cup of coffee, day after day, because you WANT. Facebook is worse. It's always there. On your computer. Day and night. So easy to just "leave it up" while you attend to other things.  And such a good excuse for not doing those other things. Because a chat window might pop up. Or a notification! A NOTIFICATION! The very word indicates urgency and must be attended to immediately. God forbid a MESSAGE show up! Messages are IMPORTANT! They are, like, e-mail! And the holy grail.....a friend request! That cannot be ignored. That tiny red "1" means that somewhere, someone wants to be YOUR FRIEND! And even if all is quiet, if no red numbers are mocking you, the home page hasn't changed in five minutes, and "no one" is on chat, you'll keep Facebook up and running "just in case". And you'll refresh the page again. Just in case. You know you do it.


jeff said...

Wow! Just turn the FB off; it will be okay:)
And Starbucks doesn't have that effect on everyone:)

Mimi/Papa said...

I am nearly to the point where I am SO BORED with FB that I can go more than three days in a row without having withdrawals...haha..I do love to play the games though so that's where my wasted times goes!!! You and Alex on those Starbucks, though....amazing to me! The money spent is crazy!!