Sunday, February 20, 2011


Jeff went to the bathroom in the "powder room" otherwise known as "the room other people who visit your house use, so please keep it clean and don't put your dirty underwear on the floor" room. (Disclaimer: there has actually been dirty underwear left on the floor in here, I say this to show you how much the kids do not care). Anyway, he noticed that there was no toilet paper. However, someone had made the effort to scooch the tissues closer so that they could be repurposed into butt-wipe. Jeff, knowing, as everyone in the house knows, that the extra toilet paper is kept (obviously) under the sink cabinet, opened it to find an entire package of TP just waiting to be put to it's intended purpose. Aghast at this utter display of laziness to the "nth" degree, he decided to write a note to the child offenders. So, he finished up his business and set out to find a post-it note. Those, not surprisingly, had been relocated to an unknown location, so he managed to find a piece of paper and then went about looking for some tape. He found the tape roll and it was.......empty! Unbelievable! He grabbed a glue stick, which was, unsurprisingly, empty as well. Found another one and adhered the note to the side of the tissue box. Arlie, the next to use the bathroom, came out and said "Really, dad? You had to swear?" The note said: This cracks me up, fuckahs!

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