Friday, April 1, 2011

Good things that happened on our vacation......

- Some honest person returned my debit card that Hayley dropped at Sea Tac airport (dropped! My debit card!)
- We got to spend Sunday at the park with Hannah's best friend Tiffany. Rochelle. Riquee. Whatever we're calling her these days! LOL!
- We got to have dinner with Jeff's mom, stepdad and grandpa on Sunday. The kids LOVED Grandpa Vern and his stories. He's going to be 90 in June!
- We spent Sunday at the park with some very enthusiastic, crazy Disney fans (friends of Jeff's mom's) who knew the park inside and out. These people even had Mickey wedding rings!
- Single rider tickets. The best thing to happen to California Screamin' ever, allowing Max and Harrison to ride the ride ten times.
- I got to experience California Adventure with Jeff (he had never been). Loved Soarin' Over California, Tower of Terror and watching Jeff laughing hysterically at the Bug's Life attraction.
- Eating Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream.
- Repeating the safety instructions in Spanish and watching Max crack up.
- Looking for hidden Mickeys.
- Jeff's mom gave me copies of tons of old photos to keep.
- We had a really nice flight attendant on our commuter flight from LAX to SFO.
- The crowds were not bad at all - we never waited in a line longer than 45 minutes, and most lines were 5-15 minutes.
- Watching the kids scream on scary rides, laugh on fun rides and run around like little kids chasing Disney princesses!

Yeah, it was a good vacation!

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