Thursday, April 14, 2011

A little Thursday rant........

Have you ever just had one of those days? Well, I have them a lot, but today was just one thing after another. First, I went to bed way too late the night before, so I was hoping to sleep in a few extra minutes this morning but then I woke up at 4 a.m. with a stomach ache. So, that was fun. And I never really went back to sleep until around 6 ish when I was then rudely awakened by Hayley telling me that "my alarm went off late" (wtf? Alarms don't "go off late"!) and that Hannah's alarm "didn't go off" (uh, yes, they DO go off if you set them!). I then told her she better tell Hannah to hurry and get ready because I was not driving anyone to school. And then Hannah needed her makeup bag which required the keys to my car because it was IN my car so Hayley came back in, disturbing my attempt to go back to sleep for a few minutes and yanked my purse off the floor making a racket. Then, when they were finally ready, and I was signing the tardy note (I didn't even argue, I was just happy they were GOING to school), they informed me that Jeff had not made lunches. Which irritated me because I got home at 11 p.m., him at 8:30, and he seemed to have plenty of time to talk on the phone to a friend and play his guitar so there must have been enough time to make four lunches. I texted him about it and got this reply "I didn't know it was my responsibility". This reminded me of a day earlier this week where the kids only cleaned the kitchen floor because I hadn't specified to mop the entire hardwood floor area, even though it's all "connected" and runs through the eating area, hallway, foyer and bathroom. DUH! I feel like I have to make a "list of common sense for life" for all of them. So, no lunches and the girls had to leave. Lucky for Hannah, she forgot her lunch the day before and it was still in the fridge. Hayley, who knows what she ate today? I texted Arlie to tell her to come and get a check from me for school lunch and so that's what she ate. Harrison didn't want school lunch so he made his own lunch (lucky for him he had time).

While I'm writing the check, in bed, all of my credit/debit cards spill out of my wallet and land in various places on the floor. Crap. I picked them all up but could not find my debit card! I began to wonder if I had left it somewhere the night before and had to get out of bed and REALLY search, not just half-assed, leaning over my bed searching. And I found my debit card way under my bed. Whew. Smooth sailing now, yeah? Not so much. Harrison reminded me it was "safety patrol" day (I really hate safety patrol day) and I had to drive him to school. So, there was no longer a chance of me catching any more Z's. I got in the shower at five minutes to eight (we needed to leave at 8:05). I got out of the shower only to discover I had no towel! And the only thing available was Jeff's towel. Major ick! He uses his towel over and over and hangs it up to dry and I have no idea how many "uses" this particular towel had. So, I gingerly dabbed myself off just enough to tiptoe to the door, stick my head out and shout to Harrison to bring me a towel. Which he did, along with "oh, I need a check for my yearbook today". We were already running late so I instructed him how to write a check while frantically dressing on the other side of the door.  Thursday being "yoga day",  I threw on some yoga pants and reached for my brand new "yoga bra". I have not even worn it once, and one of the rings snapped in the strap, rendering it useless, unless I wanted my boobs to touch the ground when I did a down dog. Crap, crap, crap! So, I put on a sports bra and t-shirt and flip flops (it's freezing cold and rainy here today), and drove Harrison to school. I started thinking of all the stuff I needed to do and realized in short order that there was no way I was making it to yoga today. So, I spent the next two hours uploading videos and fielding emails. Then, I realized it was after 11 and I was supposed to meet my friends at a foot spa for a birthday celebration at 11:30. I quickly changed out of my yoga clothes, which saw no yoga action today, into jeans and a t-shirt, grabbed a jacket, put my crazy wild hair in a pony tail and did a super fast make up job. But I was still late. Story of my life.

So, you're thinking, you got to go to the foot spa, quitcher bitchin', right? Well, yeah, except "Shi" my masseuse apparently thinks long fingernails are conducive to foot massages and kept jabbing me with his daggers! And when I said "your fingernails are too long" (along with helpful pointing to my own fingernails) he just smiled and said "ok, uh-huh". Because I'm pretty sure he didn't speak English at all. So, there was no communicating with him. And while it was nice to "relax" for an hour, my serenity was punctuated by occasional jabs in between my toes.

Then, it was off to Mexican for lunch where I have no complaints except to say that my margarita was the worst one I've ever had, and if I'm going to drink in the middle of the day, I want it to be GOOD! After lunch I went to the dollar store where I realized that I have not yet planned anything for Easter or graduation or Mother's day, or, well, anything past today. I don't even know what we're having for dinner (I'm full but another margarita would be good). And I'm still SO tired, going on about four hours' sleep, and it's raining buckets outside and the sky is slate gray, always slate gray, and it's just......ick. Plus, I really want some chocolate. And perhaps a nice warm beverage from an overpriced coffee chain. How was YOUR Thursday?

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