Friday, April 29, 2011

My riveting life...........

There comes a kind of sad time in your life when a Friday night is just another night and nothing exciting ever happens. Tonight is one of those nights. I mean, I should qualify this by saying that nothing out of the ordinary happens, because most nights in my house something exciting happens - at least something chaotic, gross, or disturbing. But that's just par for the course. I'm talking about that feeling that used to happen on Fridays - that "woo-hoo it's the weekend, PAR-TAY" feeling. Tonight I was kind of excited to go to Costco. I mean, not super excited but it was better than just sitting around the house or staring at Facebook waiting for something cool to happen. But I didn't want to go alone and Jeff wanted to ride his bike "the long way" home, stopping by Home Depot to spend money we don't have on ridiculous things like a pop rivet gun and drill bits to install a rod holder on his new (did I mention we don't have any money?) kayak. But I digress....

So, no Costco to break things up. And anyway, no money. But we do need toilet paper. It's actually a bit of an emergency and I hope no one eats or drinks too much before tomorrow when we might actually GO to Costco to get really fun stuff like TP and fish oil. Now, I have a list of things "to do". Some are important like paying bills and cleaning the house. Some are projects like transferring all the files from the downstairs file cabinet to the upstairs file cabinet. Some are "fun" like making scrabble tile necklaces that I bought the supplies for in November and still haven't gotten around to. I have scrapbooks to complete, walls I'd love to paint, shelves that haven't been dusted since........well, anyway, I have stuff to do. But some nights you just want to be entertained and no amount of inspiration will motivate you to jump on those projects. Tonight is one of those nights.

I did manage to make dinner, clean out a junk drawer and do a load of dishes. But I've also signed on and off Facebook a zillion times (you know it's bad when your post is still the latest post a half hour later). I've read my email and the news, perused photos of the destruction of the recent tornadoes in the south, watched seven  "raw" videos of tornadoes, and yes, even skimmed a few royal wedding photos (yawn!). I've jotted some important dates in my calendar, looked over paperwork, and sent my two oldest off to the store with my debit card to spend yet again MORE money on their upcoming musical, which is nickel and diming us to death.

And yet, I'm, dare I say it? BORED. I have a ton of things I NEED to do, many things I WANT to do, and plenty of stuff I SHOULD do, and I'm just too bored to do any of it. At least I've passed the acceptable time where it's ok to go to bed now. But I'll probably stay up a little bit longer because now my two youngest are outside in the pitch dark, chopping wood with an AXE and attempting to build a fire in the fire pit. I may be taking a child and a severed foot to the ER soon. Or eating a roasted marshmallow. Let's hope for the latter.

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jeff said...

Sounds like someone needs a new hobbie instead of FB:)

Maybe its time to just START making those scrabble necklaces