Sunday, April 10, 2011


So, I've never actually done this (ok, I'll admit it, I never really knew how) but today I checked the stats on my blog. And let me tell you, what a surprise! I now know how many page hits I've received from Afghanistan (2, I hope they are American military personnel! HAHA) and which of my blogs has received the most "hits" (Rabbit Killer). It kind of sucks you in, these stats, and makes you wonder how/where/why people happen upon your blog! One particularly fun feature is which google words have generated a hit on your blog. For example, my second-most "hit generated" word was "Kezar Stadium" (from my San Francisco posts). Then, I checked out my followers and I now actually have a few followers who I don't even know (whoo-hoo!). At first, this creeped me out, but this IS a public blog, after all, so anyone can "follow" me. ANYONE!!!! Even you! And all your friends!!! So, thanks for the referrals, all of you who have passed my blog on to a friend. Keep it coming! :)

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